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What is this cloud?  Where is my data?  Is my data safe?  All good questions.  Many organizations think the cloud is the way to go and that it is more cost effective.  Many find out quickly, this is NOT the case for them.  Cloud Services, whether it is email, web hosting, servers and data backup, file share and collaboration, are, simply put, hosted in a data center rather than their office.  The size of your organization, number of users and the amount of data that your need make up all important variables which can either be cost effective or cost intensive for you.   One way or another, you still need an IT team.  The right IT team can sort out these costs, produce the right path and keep your organization on an appropriate IT cost basis.

Blue Water Networks, with its own in-house licensed Realtors and Telecom advisors, provides lease advice and negotiations with data centers and data carriers around the world.  We also own and operate our own network infrastructure in various data centers around the USA.

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